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Tache Artisan Chocolate was started in the vision of pastry chef Aditi Malhotra. Her delicious and unique chocolates draw inspiration from her travels around the world, as well as her Indian background. Each bite sized treat tells a story, join us on her journey with every delicacy! 

Since opening Tache in 2012, Aditi and her chocolates have taken the confectionary world by storm.  She was the winner of Zagat’s 30 Under 30 Award and selected as one of Forbes 30 under 30 game changers in Food & Wine.  She competed twice as Forbes best young chef in America, and the only dessert chef invited. 

All of Tache’s selections are handcrafted in her mini Willy Wonka esque factory.  Each of her chocolates are handmade from the finest ingredients in the world and are mini works of art. According to Aditi, “I make every piece of chocolate with the intention of spreading the chocolate love.”

Tache is also famous for its chocolate-making classes, which have gained the attention of the New York Times and Time Out Kids.  For more on our chocolate making classes, click here

Her chocolates have been featured in The New York Times, Time Out, TV Asia, The Huffington Post, The Village Voice, Business Insider, Serious Eats, InStyle Magazine, Gotham Magazine and recently featured in an HSBC commercial.

Tache’s name comes from the French word “tache” which means spot, stain or smudge. When it comes to Aditi, she always has a “tache” of chocolate smeared all over her chef’s coat. There was no other option than to name it after the evidence of a genius chocolatier.

Meet Aditi